The Nose/Le Nez (PIPELINE)

Emotional Memory: Why Scents Cause Nostalgia

Your memories are completely tied up in scents. More than any other of the body’s senses, smell and memory are linked. But why? And why are these memories usually associated with childhood?

Formulating Fine Fragrances From Natural Materials

Creating an effective natural-product is only a part of the puzzle. The other – and equally important – part is creating a natural-fragrance that remains on par with traditional perfume but embodies and embraces the overall philosophy of clean, vegan ingredients.

The Corpus Approach To Natural Fragrance

When browsing skincare products there’s no doubt you’ll come across various words that describe fragrances used within the formula, but what do they mean exactly? Selecting a product that suits your personal criteria is essential. That’s why understanding the difference between phrases like natural fragrance, perfume, and fragrance-free...