Conditions Have Changed

Conditions Have Changed


A common misconception about natural deodorant is that it stops working because your body has become resistant or immune to its deodorizing properties. If you find your natural deodorant has suddenly stopped working, it's likely the condition of your skin has changed — not your deodorant



Residual bacteria: Unlike other parts of the body, underarms experience bacteria-buildup.

Stress: Stress sweat is an evolutionary reaction to ward off predators. If your skin is highly acidic, you’re less tasty. While our stressor have modernized, our reaction to stress has not.

Hormones: Hormonal shifts can cause a change or increase in body odor.

Diet: Spicy food or caffeine can increase sweat, while sulfurous foods can manifest as unpleasant body odor.

Weather: Shifts in seasonal weather can lead to increases in sweat levels or dehydrated, irritated skin. 



Exfoliate when showering—using a simple washcloth a few times a week can do the trick. Minimize any residual bacteria by toning clean underarms with apple cider vinegar or witch hazel. Wear natural, breathable fabrics. Avoid caffeine and spicy or sulfurous foods. To increase product effectiveness, always apply to dry skin.

If you are experiencing an increase in body odor, changes to your internal or external environment are the likely culprit. Natural deodorant can and does work—stick with it. 

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