One of the biggest concerns people have when switching to natural deodorant is the dreaded “detox period.” Often, they give up too soon. Natural deodorant can and does work - Stick with it.

Maybe you’ve been using antiperspirant your entire life, blocking your body’s natural process of sweating. Now you’ve decided to make a switch, and your body will need to adjust. Perhaps you’re switching from a conventional deodorant (formulas that rely on synthetic ingredients) to a natural deodorant. In this case, little to no adjustment period is expected. 

 For those of you who are making the switch, here is some information on the “dreaded detox period”:

The transition period may last from a few days up to a few weeks.

When switching from sweat blocking antiperspirant, expect an increased level of sweat. While it may seem like you’re sweating more, keep in mind that as you used antiperspirant you were actually blocking your body’s ability to sweat.

You might even anticipate some chaffing or redness due to the excess moisture (temporary phase).

You may need to reapply during the day until your body has fully completed the transition process (temporary phase).

Avoid spicy or heavily seasoned food during this time, to reduce body odor.

Avoid synthetic fabrics and tight-fitting clothes. Your body will want to breathe more during this time.

Make sure to apply the product to dry skin after showering.

Most importantly, stick with it.

All these phases are typical and should be expected if you have been blocking your sweat glands for years. Your body will rebalance itself and, once you complete the transition, your body will thank you for making the switch.

You’ve decided to make the switch, so it might be surprising that the initial swap feels easier than expected. During the initial week after eliminating antiperspirant, your underarms will likely still be used to the aluminum and other ingredients in your traditional antiperspirants so you might not see a noticeable difference in body odor or sweat as you begin the process.

The second week of using natural deodorant is where the real changes start taking place. You’ll notice your body is getting used to sweating more freely (completely natural!) and detoxifying itself. Because of the increased sweat, there will be elevated levels of odor-causing bacteria in the region. Don’t quit – you’re halfway there!

As your body gets used to getting back on track with its natural process, you’ll see that bacteria and moisture levels taper down the longer you stick with plant-based deodorant. If you’ve been using antiperspirant for any length of time, it might seem like a drastic change to experience sweat but as you continue to use natural deodorant, sweat levels will even out.

After a few weeks of consistent use, the adjustment from antiperspirant to natural deodorant should be complete. Of course, the length of time to detox from commercial antiperspirants and deodorants can vary, but usually four weeks is all it takes – for some, the transition is quick and fairly insignificant!

Give it about four weeks to truly go from antiperspirants to natural deodorant. Once you’ve allowed your body to detox and get back in balance, you’ll notice the positive changes – sweat feels more natural, body odor isn’t as prevalent as it once was and you don’t have to stress about applying questionable ingredients to your skin.

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