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CORPUS is made for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of going natural. Natural body care formulations have been around for a while, but most haven’t kept up with the recent advances in natural chemistry. This meant people who valued “natural” had to settle for products that did not work, and scents they did not love.

CORPUS has refined and redesigned what a natural formula can be. The result is body care that goes above and beyond what you may have come to expect from “natural.”Our proprietary vegan, plant-based formulations are designed to be both purposeful, and elicit happiness.

Every aspect of the product – from its formula to its packaging to manufacturing – is highly considered; using renewable hydroelectric and solar energy. We did this out of a sense of responsibility and dedication to being able to trace every step in the production process. Being “made in California” means we are closer to the process and can be involved in away that wouldn’t be possible without local vendors. CORPUS is committed to transparency at every level and only partners with manufacturers who share the same values. Working with manufacturers in their local community has the added environmental benefit of a reduced carbon footprint because the product travels less.

CORPUS Naturals was founded in 2018 by J.P. Mastey, a skincare expert with over 15 years experience. Long interested in natural products, Mastey nevertheless struggled to find products that performed to high standards. After many years of experimentation, he was able to create an effective, natural formula with no compromises. “Natural deodorant was one of those products I felt passionate about, and I got close several times, but close was not good enough” says Mastey. Newfound techniques, persistence, and inspiration all came together and CORPUS was created.


Advances in natural and plant-based chemistry have made it possible to create highly effective personal care products without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. CORPUS product formulations are vegan, and cruelty-free, including parabens, aluminum, talc, baking soda, petroleum based propylene glycol and synthetic fragrance. All of the ingredients are either plant or mineral derived.

You may be asking what does Natural really mean? It’s a great question but met with varying definitions causing great skepticism, and abuse. Unfortunately the FDA does not regulate the term “natural”, and this leaves consumers questioning how a company defines the term.

At CORPUS we see it like this; if a product is derived from a natural source and has been minimally processed, we call it completely-naturally-derived. Now just about anything that goes into a product has gone through some form of processing to be extracted from its natural source, thus the use of the term “derived”. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that each and every ingredient used in our formulations passes the CORPUS standard of what we define as natural.

Now keep in mind that just because an ingredient might sound like a synthetic chemical, ie. Sorbitan Oleate Decylglucoside Crosspolymer, but it’s actually a PEG-free, nonionic fragrance stabilizer made from 100% bio-based raw materials. Doing your own quick Internet search of ingredients goes a long way in product education.



We love beautiful, effective, and clean product.

We love our planet, our communities, and strive to leave things a little better than we found them.

We know we don’t have to live in a world where the products we love are detrimental to the environment.

Learn how Corpus creates a balance between Product and Planet:


We’re committed to using energy from renewable sources. Solar power is used to create our formula and fill. Our container and box are manufactured using Hydro-Electric energy.

We take several steps that add up to positive environmental impact. For example, we use rail shipment versus trucking whenever possible, and no freighters or cargo planes are required to get the product to the States. 


We’ll never sacrifice quality and performance. We want you to have the cleanest, most enjoyable experience using our products while being 100% transparent on what they contain and where they’re sourced.

We chose aluminum for our Natural Body Wash bottles as a shower-safe, recyclable alternative to plastic. At the outset of this initiative we have immediately saved 1.8 tons of plastic from the ocean, landfill or incinerator; that’s roughly the weight of 20 baby elephants and we are just getting started with this new packaging program.

Currently, we are using a plastic applicator for our Natural Deodorant. It is made from a combination of new and recycled plastic (both post-industrial and post-consumer). The outer packaging is made using sustainable forestry and recycled pulp.

Our philosophy is to evolve towards green solutions whenever possible, and as sustainable alternatives become available we plan to adopt them.


We are a small, privately-owned, California-based business with ties across the United States.

Every aspect of the product; from formula, to packaging, to manufacturing happens in the States. We did this on purpose. We want full visibility and the capability to trace every step when creating Corpus products.

We partner with other small, family-run businesses, also based in the States. These relationships afford us full transparency in the manufacturing process and a likeminded approach to lessen environmental impact. We know there are still great manufacturers in this country, and our choice to work with them is measured beyond concern over the bottom line.



Less than 20% of the chemicals in many of our everyday products, like deodorant, are assessed for safety in the United States. Even worse, some popular deodorants contain ingredients that are clinically-demonstrated carcinogens, neurotoxins, and reproductive toxins that deposit in the body and add up over time, which is known as bioaccumulation.

Scientists long held the belief that the skin was a strong, impenetrable barrier to the outside world. So for a long time, many deodorant brands failed to give their ingredients list a second look because what we put on our bodies was not always connected to our health. But, recent research has turned this belief on its head by demonstrating that when we put something on our skin, it can enter our bloodstream without being metabolized.

Hearing all about transitioning to  natural deodorant, but still haven’t made the switch yourself? Maybe you’re scared about the myth of the detox period, or you’re just too complacent with the deodorant you’ve grown to love over the years. We totally get it. But if you have any inkling of curiosity about going au naturel, read on because your health might just might depend on it.

While more research is needed to deduce whether regular deodorant use is correlated with health issues, like breast cancer, the jury is not out on concerns of bioaccumulation. There is no doubt that our body is an open and connected system, meaning that our lifestyle and the products we use have a greater effect on our wellbeing than was once previously imagined.


Many traditional deodorants on the market are actually antiperspirants. If you use a roll-on, or aerosol spray, you’ll likely find zirconium tetrachlorohydrex or aluminum chlorohydrate in the active ingredients list. These ingredients are actually forms of aluminum that clog underarm sweat glands that shut down normal perspiration. And while there has been no direct link between deodorants containing aluminum and cancer as of yet, such speculation has led consumers to become more mindful about what they’re putting on their bodies. What is known is that aluminum may cause gene instability in breast tissue that may play a role in promoting tumor or cancer growth. It’s even been found that over half of all breast cancers begin in the upper outer part of the breast, right near the underarm. Certainly, such a statistic is not enough to connect all aluminum-based deodorants with breast cancer incidence, but it has caused eyebrows to raise.


If the aluminum concern alone isn’t enough to make you switch, consider parabens. Found in many popular antiperspirants, parabens are synthetic preservatives. Research suggests that parabens are pesky endocrine disruptors that can interfere with the production and regulation of hormones, like estrogen. The concern is that we apply deodorant close to or on the estrogen-sensitive tissue of our underarm and breast, which may thwart our endocrine system’s balance and promote the growth of diseased cells. Keep in mind that chronic diseases, like autoimmune conditions and cancer, are complex, multi-stage processes that take years to develop, so it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint one exact cause. What you can do is take the steps to put yourself in a position of better health by using a paraben-free deodorant


It’s unsurprising that the hallmark of any effective deodorant is that it smells good. And, because everyone wants to smell fresh, nearly all deodorants are scented. And if you looked at the ingredients list of any conventional deodorant or antiperspirant, you wouldn’t learn much about what was used to scent it. Unfortunately, “fragrance” and “parfum” are protected under trademark secret, which means that consumers are often left in the dark about what ingredients are used in scent formulation. Plus, elusive “fragrance” has been linked with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory conditions, and reproductive issues.

If you’ve tried any natural deodorant, have you wondered why so many of them feature the same scents? Most natural deodorants rely solely on essential oils to achieve their signature scent, which is why singular notes, like lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree, are commonplace. For those switching from antiperspirants or conventional deodorant brands, such limited aromatic selection can be discouraging and may even deter one from trying an all-natural formula.

Enter Corpus— A natural deodorant containing scientifically artful and aromatically complex scents while maintaining all-natural derived ingredients. For years, other natural deodorant formulators struggled to unlock the next evolution of natural fragrance without compromise. But, Corpus has mastered it.


Corpus does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals. And, it’s just as effective as the brands you’ve used your entire life— plus, it smells better too. Most deodorants marketed as “natural” are misleading because they often only “contain natural ingredients.” Corpus doesn’t cut corners or formulate with just a few natural ingredients. Corpus is completely naturally derived.

If you’re curious about switching to natural products, start with deodorant. You’ll likely spend over 3 and a half days of your life applying deodorant, so why not make sure you’re lathering on something that’s not only good for you, but also formulated with the most recent and advanced science in mind. Trust us, Corpus is not a thick paste DIY kitchen recipe, rather it’s a high-quality, luxury formula that took years for body care and beauty industry experts to perfect. Beyond the unparalleled formulation, Corpus is sustainably manufactured to also decrease the environmental impact.

Swapping out your go-to deodorant for Corpus is easy. But, let’s be real— many people are intimidated or afraid to switch to a natural formulation because they believe that doing so requires an underarm-detox-period where they will sweat and reek of unbearable body odor. Luckily, there is likely no or only a minimal detox period when switching from your name brand deodorant to Corpus. Did you catch that? Switching from other deodorants to Corpus’ natural formulation is a minor adjustment for your body. Switching from antiperspirant to deodorant (any deodorant, natural or not) and you should expect an adjustment period.

Trust us, giving up your pore blocking antiperspirant will have your underarms thanking you in the long (and short!) run. Our propriety formulation goes on lightly to neutralize body odor without harsh synthetics, and will even keep you fresh after sweaty workouts and stressful life moments.

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Written for CORPUS by Leigh Winters.



Frank Lloyd Wright said, “form and function are one.”

The best designs elevate ordinary objects into extraordinary experiences. The satisfying precision, the weight, the perfect balance… often it’s the small details and nuances that remind you of a well-made product.

Deodorant is something you use every day. It's a necessity that you probably haven’t given much thought to until recently. Natural is important, but so is the experience of using a product. We don’t think they are mutually exclusive.

We strongly believe that luxury comes from the thoughtful selection of products that are both purposeful and elicit happiness — that each person has an evolving, intimate definition of luxury, that cannot be culturally prescribed or achieved.


We didn’t do “natural” because it’s a hot topic. We did it because we knew we could do it better.


To create something exceptional, it has to be the sum of all parts. It’s not enough to make a product that simply works. The product must feel good; the weight, the proportions, and the texture all must come together. That green color and minimalist design is not simply a branding choice but a well thought-out decision that expresses our point of view. Our goal was and is to be pleasing to all senses.

Every detail was equally considered for its purpose. The custom green box had to be made just for us (you won't find that paper stock in a swatch book) to get that perfect tone of green. It also had to be as “green” as possible so we used a family run factory that uses 100% hydroelectric power, sustainably forested pulp, and recycled content.


CORPUS is made in the USA primarily because, in our search for the highest quality manufacturers, we found them here. Being “made in the USA” means we are closer to the process. It means we can be involved in a way that wouldn’t be possible with overseas vendors. We love to support our local communities and that support has the added environmental benefit of the product traveling less.

Often, these decisions to source locally and sustainably add expense. These decisions obviously do not benefit the bottom line. We do this because we can and because we should.



We live in an industry of “off the shelf," white-label repurposed products that marketers whip into something special. Nothing was off the shelf when it came to one of Corpus’s most distinctive attributes. It was no easy feat to create a natural fragrance that meets the expectations of fine fragrance


Natural perfumery could be compared to the modern vegan chef who transforms the constraints on ingredients into convincing and satisfying substitutes. Only with a great amount of research, development, creativity, and experience can you compete with the expectations set by conventional chemistry.


Our natural fragrance is built with the traditional fragrance architecture of a base, middle and top note. The fragrances we have come to love over the years are chalked full of synthetic compounds that give them a burst of top notes and a musky base. The typical Musk and Aldehyde notes that are used in perfumery are only available in synthetic forms.

This presented a major challenge, but we pushed our chemist to go above and beyond and stretch the possibilities of the palette of natural notes at our disposal.


Natural fragrances start with essential oils. In addition to essential oils, natural fragrances use oleoresins, distillates, fractions, concretes, absolutes, and extracts. All of these materials are extracted directly from the plant source, but each plant releases its fragrance materials differently. For instance, Rosemary essential oil can be easily extracted from a plant through steam distillation, but true Vanilla comes only in an absolute, i.e., extracted with a solvent.


We are not currently hiring for any open roles at this time.