Frank Lloyd Wright said, “form and function are one.”

The best designs elevate ordinary objects into extraordinary experiences. The satisfying precision, the weight, the perfect balance… often it’s the small details and nuances that remind you of a well-made product.

Deodorant is something you use every day. It's a necessity that you probably haven’t given much thought to until recently. Natural is important, but so is the experience of using a product. We don’t think they are mutually exclusive.

We strongly believe that luxury comes from the thoughtful selection of products that are both purposeful and elicit happiness — that each person has an evolving, intimate definition of luxury, that cannot be culturally prescribed or achieved.

When we say the details matter, we mean it.

We didn’t do “natural” because it’s a hot topic. We did it because we knew we could do it better.


To create something exceptional, it has to be the sum of all parts. It’s not enough to make a product that simply works. The product must feel good; the weight, the proportions, and the texture all must come together. That green color and minimalist design is not simply a branding choice but a well thought-out decision that expresses our point of view. Our goal was and is to be pleasing to all senses.

Every detail was equally considered for its purpose. The custom green box had to be made just for us (you won't find that paper stock in a swatch book) to get that perfect tone of green. It also had to be as “green” as possible so we used a family run factory that uses 100% hydroelectric power, sustainably forested pulp, and recycled content.


CORPUS is made in the USA primarily because, in our search for the highest quality manufacturers, we found them here. Being “made in the USA” means we are closer to the process. It means we can be involved in a way that wouldn’t be possible with overseas vendors. We love to support our local communities and that support has the added environmental benefit of the product traveling less.

Often, these decisions to source locally and sustainably add expense. These decisions obviously do not benefit the bottom line. We do this because we can and because we should.