Baking Soda: Why We Don't Use It

Baking Soda: Why We Don't Use It


Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a naturally occurring substance and a powerful odor neutralizer. It also makes cakes rise, soothes indigestion, removes stains, cleans pots and pans… The list goes on and on. It’s an indispensable household item. 

Many natural deodorant brands depend on baking soda as their active ingredient. And for good reason; it really does work. Baking soda creates an alkaline environment in your pits that inhibits bacteria. However, there is a downside. 

Baking soda can be harsh on the skin. It’s fairly common to develop a rash when using deodorants that rely on baking soda. That odor-fighting alkalinity can irritate sensitive skin, especially if you shave your armpits. Baking soda is also highly abrasive. What works wonders on stainless steel pots can be way too much for your skin.

There are plenty of reasons why baking soda should stick to household cleaning and away from the skin. Here are some of the most common ways sodium bicarbonate affects skin:

It can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier and pH levels. The skin’s barrier is what protects it against infection and breakouts so when you eliminate it by using a product that removes natural bacteria and changes the pH levels in skin, you’re leaving skin feeling stripped of natural moisture and potentially opening it up to infections.

When mixed with water (or vinegar in some cases) baking soda can be extremely irritating to skin. Additionally, many people aren’t aware they have a sensitivity to baking soda until after it’s been applied to the skin! This increases the risk of rashes, burning and redness in the underarm area when using a traditional or natural deodorant that includes baking soda as an ingredient.

It’s true, exfoliating a few times a week is actually recommended to keep underarms fresh and free of odor-causing buildup. However, baking soda is too harsh of an exfoliant and leaves skin red, extremely dry and feeling raw. Even small amounts of baking soda in a deodorant can leave sensitive skin feeling even more red or inflamed.
The idea behind traditional antiperspirants and deodorants is to eliminate – whether it’s eliminating sweat, odor, bacteria – but it’s important to remember that in order for the body to work at optimal levels things need to be in balance. The body needs to sweat to detoxify and regulate body temperature, just like there needs to be good bacteria on the skin to balance out the bad levels. Natural deodorants work with your body to provide the protection you want without compromising on everything else!

CORPUS  has formulated an effective natural deodorant without baking soda. We use plant-based enzymes and diatomaceous earth as alternatives. These ingredients are every bit as powerful at fighting odors, yet are incredibly gentle on your sensitive skin. 

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