does natural deodorant actuALLY WORK?

Mention the term ‘natural deodorant’ and it’s often one of the first questions asked: does it actually work?

Before delving into the answer it’s a good idea to take a peek over at what consumers have traditionally been using over the decades – products designed to mask body odor and eliminate sweat. Whether you’ve been using traditional antiperspirants or you’re interested in transitioning to cleaner skincare and body products in your every day routine, it’s important to look at the entire picture when it comes to body odor, sweat and why switching to a natural deodorant makes sense.

The culprit behind body odor is simple: the underarms are a prime location for moisture and sweat to develop and, as a result, bacteria is attracted to the skin. The odor – something we’re all familiar with – is actually generated as bacteria breaks down moisture.

Perspiration is the body’s way of detoxifying the system through sweating. There are between two and four million sweat glands on the body and while most people try to prevent sweating it’s actually a crucial physiological process for cooling the body down and maintaining an ideal sodium balance.

So, what happens when antiperspirant is used? Often aluminum-based, antiperspirants cover and plug the sweat glands in the underarms to prevent sweating which in turn limits the environment for bacteria and the creation of body odor.

While it might sound like a good idea to eliminate sweat and bacteria from the underarms, studies show that effectively doing so can actually alter the body’s natural ecosystem. Plugging sweat glands reduces the body’s ability to do it’s job, which is to keep cool and detoxify, and in some cases, studies have shown that eradicating the ability to sweat could dampen the effectiveness of the immune system.

Since the body absorbs ingredients we apply to the skin, switching to natural products makes sense for the long-term. Instead of focusing on the prevention of sweat and bacteria entirely (after all, it’s better to balance bacteria levels as they are completely normal in the human body), medical professionals recommend working with your body’s natural processes and complimenting it with a natural deodorant to help keep balance in check while also ensuring underarms stay healthy. 

Have you attempted to go more natural in the past and found it didn’t quite meet your needs? In previous years, the development and formulation of natural deodorants (i.e., skincare and body care in general) often left much to be desired, but in recent years ingredient suppliers have put time and energy into effectively combining high quality ingredients into formulations of bio-based products to address the need for deodorants that work without resorting to plugging sweat glands or essentially applying less than stellar ingredients to the skin.

Natural and organic has been on trend for years now and formulations are catching up to really hone in on the science behind it – offering effective and beneficial products that work without the need for questionable ingredients. Are you ready to make the switch


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