Weaning 101: Are you ready?

Posted by ECOM DEPARTMENT Collaborator on

You’ve got the milk routine down to a tee, but now all of a sudden we’re talking about solids. There’s do’s and don’ts, and what, whens and whys… and that’s all on just a few hours of sleep!

We understand that it can feel a little overwhelming, so we put together a few things for parents to remember that’ll hopefully make it a little less daunting.

First up: solids are introduced alongside milk feeds, so you can rest assured that your baby is still getting the majority of what they need from breast milk or infant formula.

Yes, this is your baby’s first food, but there are going to be seconds, thirds and hundredths. It’s a long journey, so you might as well try to enjoy yourself along the way! Exploring new flavours and textures together can, and should, be a fun experience.

Don’t be disheartened if they pull a face and won’t accept it. Even foods you’ve previously added to their ‘dislike’ list can be revisited again with the tenth-time-lucky rule, which we’ll explain in more detail in a new post soon…

Don’t mind the mess. Allowing your baby to touch and feel their food is an important piece of the weaning journey. So, get stuck in – literally!

And, finally: take baby steps. Remember that these next 6 months are a transition phase. Some days will be more successful than others, and that’s okay!

So if you think you’ve just about got it covered, the next step is working out just when your baby is ready to start. Next stop: Are They Ready?